Finance, economics and trade

Developing Scenarios for the Insurance Industry

The report outlines best practices for scenario analysis within the insurance community, and provides a practical framework to assist practitioners engaging with risk scenario development.

Risk Management for the Consumer Sectors

The report, written in collaboration with IRM, analyses impacts to the consumer sector and supply chains across six illustrative stress tests, including: trade dispute, geopolitical conflict, cyber attack, natural catastrophe, pandemic, and accelerated changes from the equal payment movement.

Scenario Applications: Stress Testing Companies in the Energy Value Chain

The report, written in collaboration with IRM, analyses the impacts to all members of the energy value chain across three diverse risk scenarios.

Dollar Deposed Financial Catastrophe Stress Test

The rise and fall of dominant currencies, associated with trade and linked to financial and political systems, is a recurrent theme in financial history.

Eurozone Meltdown Financial Catastrophe Stress Test

This report explores the impact of unexpected devaluation of fixed income assets resulting from a cascade of sovereign debt devaluations caused by the sequential exit of countries from a currency union.

Global Property Crash Stress Test Scenario

This report is one from a suite of scenario reports that can be used by businesses as a basis for testing against vulnerabilities and improving resilience.

High Inflation World Financial Catastrophe Stress Test

This report presents a narrative of how global inflationary pressure over several years impacts the world economy and financial markets.

Risk Management Perspectives of Global Corporations

This report is produced as part of the Centre’s research track on corporate risk profiling. The focus and intention of this report is to better understand the perspectives and practices of risk management at global corporations.

Using real world scenarios to improve the resilience of private investment portfolios

This report explores how a scenario stress testing approach can provide a complementary tool that helps assessing and confronting these uncertainties and therefore contributing towards the viability of a portfolio.