Risk Management Perspectives of Global Corporations

Download Risk Management Perspectives of Global Corporations

This report is produced as part of the Centre’s research track on corporate risk profiling. The focus and intention of this report is to better understand the perspectives and practices of risk management at global corporations.


This report, produced in partnership with the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), is informed by views from risk management specialists representing both private and public sectors. The summary and narrative regarding the top risks facing corporations are the result of elicitation through a combination of individual interviews; surveys and real-time polls of audiences at workshops and focus groups; and the in-depth online 2018 Enterprise Risk Management survey. This expanse of inputs paints a broad view of the perceptions of risk at companies and their respective approaches to risk management and mitigation. The general objectives of our overall research programmes are to better understand current views, practices and mitigations of risks at corporations and how they are adapting to meet future challenges and opportunities.