Publication series

Cambridge Global Risk Index

The Centre has compiled a compendium of threat maps, analytics and data layers, as a toolkit for assessing international risk of business disruption. The Global Risk Index references the classical story of Pandora’s Box of All Ills and is the culmination of a research track that the Centre for Risk Studies has been pursuing since its inception.

Global exposure, accumulation and clash (GEAC)

The Global Exposure Accumulation and Clash (GEAC) initiative, in collaboration with RMS, was developed to explore exposure across the most significant classes of business, across all geographical markets, in an open standard. This standard is summarised in the Multiline Insurance Exposure Management Data Definitions Document v1.0. A companion report to this document, Challenges and Solutions for Enterprise Exposure Management, describes the development process, and the use of the data definitions document in clash scenarios to demonstrate the use of the schema in loss modelling.

Individual publications

Steering the Course: An Emerging Risk Report from Lloyd’s Innovation

In this report, the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies, in collaboration with Lloyd’s of London, explore the evolving marine risk landscape and its implications for insurers.

Multi-Threat Risk Analysis and Insurance Growth Opportunities

This report is part of the Cambridge Global Risk Framework and uses findings from the Cambridge Global Risk Index, which aims to measure the global risk outlook from 22 threats across 300 cities.

A Taxonomy of Threats for Complex Risk Management

The development of the Cambridge Risk Framework, identification of threats and emerging risks, and the use of the framework in defining stress test scenarios.

Systemic Risk – Systemic Solutions for an Increasingly Interconnected World

This report examines the nature of ‘systemic risk’, identifying a Global Risk Nexus of 10 key systemic risks, from climate change to biodiversity loss and natural disasters, through antimicrobial resistance, human and agricultural pandemics, to cyber risk and global governance failure, and ultimately global economic and financial crises.

Cambridge Taxonomy of Business Risks

This report presents the business risk taxonomy developed as part of the Cambridge Risk Framework and describes the methodology used. This taxonomy describes the entire threat landscape corporates face, enabling identification of emerging risks and creating a common language for communicating risks.