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World City Risk 2025: Part Two - Methodology

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The World Cities Risk 2015-2025 research track analyses the combined damage inflicted on global cities by a comprehensive set of significant and recurrent threats. 


We consider some 23 threats in five broad threat classes: Natural Catastrophe and Climate, including threats such as earthquake and windstorms; Finance, Trade & Economics, including threats such as market crashes, and commodity price shocks; Geopolitics & Security, including political instability, conflicts and terrorism; Technology and Space, for example, cyber catastrophe; and Health & Humanity, for example, pandemics and famines.

Part two documents the methodology used for the World City Risk 2025 analysis. It describes how cities were selected, GDP projections, and vulnerability and resilience assessed. It outlines Catastronomics methodology and how the Centre for Risk Studies' Risk Atlas was compiled.