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Disaster Recovery Case Study: Superstorm Sandy

Download Disaster Recovery Case Study: Superstorm Sandy

This case study seeks to understand and quantify the key controls on the speed and quality of disaster recovery, including the role of insurance. The Centre’s most recent case studies of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy show a surprising slow and laboured recovery resulting from insufficient financial and physical resilience. 


This report focuses on the US east coast region impacted by Superstorm Sandy (‘Sandy’) in 2012, as a case study of a high-income economy with relatively high GDP per capita and non-life insurance penetration. It outlines the characteristics of the immediate and long-term recovery of the region affected by Sandy, and discusses controls on recovery, such as the influence of the socioeconomic and political climates at both the regional and national levels. Further, it addresses the speed and effectiveness of disaster recovery in relation to the disaster governance and funding. 


  • Dr Andrew Coburn, Director of Advisory Board, Centre for Risk Studies
  • Dr Michelle Tuveson, Academic Director, Centre for Risk Studies 
  • Oliver Carpenter, Research Assistant, Centre for Risk Studies
  • Arjun Mahalingam, Research Assistant, Centre for Risk Studies