Download Cyber Risk Outlook 2018 (pdf, 9.5MB)

This report explores the rapidly changing cyber landscape. It presents the Centre’s latest research on cyber risk including shifting trends in the risk landscape, management of emerging cyber threats, trends in cyber loss processes, and the current and future state of cyber insurance markets. 


The dimensions of cyber risk are increasingly international. Losses due to cyber attacks are being reported in almost every country in the industrialised world. Individual malware attacks flow across international borders. 2017 saw cyber contagion that transcended physical borders, including WannaCry (infections reported in 150 countries) and NotPetya (reported in 65 countries). The spread of cyber crime has been facilitated by the commoditisation of cyber criminal tools, proliferation of crypto-currencies and anonymisation of threat actors.

In this report, the Centre for Risk Studies considers the current cyber risk landscape, trends in cyber loss processes and the growing cyber insurance market. 

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