Download Cyber Risk Outlook 2019 (pdf, 8MB)

Ten key trends in cyber risk of importance to risk managers. The report summarises the Centre’s latest research on cyber risk, covering how risk is changing in the major loss processes of data exfiltration, contagious malware, financial theft, cloud outage and denial of service attacks. 


The cyber risk landscape is changing in many different dimensions. Companies are increasingly digitising their supply chains, posing a threat to network security of all devices trusted by the network. Malicious software continues to pose a threat to corporations. It is estimated that cyber criminals have made over US$25 million from ransomware in the past two years. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks increased by 40% in 2018 with large organisations facing an average of eight attacks per day.

In this report, the Centre for Risk Studies identifies key trends in cyber risk, the main loss processes for cyber and strategies for managing through a changing risk landscape. 

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