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Centre for Risk studies research.

The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies has gained a worldwide reputation for its innovative research in the analysis, understanding and management of systemic risk. This involves scenario development, network analysis techniques, modelling of catastrophic events from the level of cities up to macroeconomic views and a study of the resulting impacts on economies and markets.

The Centre is proactive in distributing research outputs to a community of subscribers. Through the ongoing programme of interaction and community-building, the Centre has confidence its research is relevant to business and industrial partners and has real impact.

Research focuses include emerging risks and potential sources of catastrophes that are less well understood. In 2016, these included solar storms and estimates of their potential disruption to power supply and the vulnerabilities of the integrated critical infrastructure systems that underpin society and the economy. The team’s emerging risk research included cyber risk and tracking the changing landscape of hacker technologies and motivations, and the potential for correlated cyber attacks causing losses to multiple companies. Global financial connectivity and international financial crises continue to be an interest. The Centre is honoured to be represented by Dr Andrew Coburn on the editorial board of the Journal of the Network Theory in Finance.

Current research

The current tracks of research the Centre is pursuing can be read about in more detail below.

Emerging and systemic risks

Research into emerging and rapidly changing risks, and to develop stress test scenarios as a way of understanding and managing these threats.

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Use cases of research

Understanding new threats through the development of scenarios is a technique that is used extensively, building on years of precedents in management science.

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Cambridge Global Risk Index

Focusing on the use of research outputs to improve business decision-making. Through engagement with different business sectors, the Centre ensures that our research has impact.

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News and events

The Centre’s research themes cover broad topics related to risk, including risk strategy, culture, and governance.

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The Risk Prize

An annual award for the best submission on risk management by a current Masters or PhD student at one of the following University of Cambridge departments.

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