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The Cambridge-McKinsey Risk Prize.

The Cambridge-McKinsey Risk Prize

The Centre for Risk Studies, in conjunction with McKinsey & Company, runs an annual competition awarding a prize for the best submission on risk management.

The prize is open to all postgraduate students at the University of Cambridge who are enrolled in their course on the submission date of the Risk Prize. Essays must be sole authored, ie by the entrant. Entrants may submit essays for the Risk Prize which draw on their course projects or other research, sole authored or collaborative, and should reference such work accordingly. When using existing work, it is important to rewrite it so that your essay respects the broader aims of the Risk Prize. The judges will take into consideration the originality of essays.

The winner is awarded a prize of £3,000 at the Centre for Risk Studies’ annual conference in June.

See past winners and honourable mentions

The Risk Prize 2023

Entries for the 2023 Risk Prize are due by Monday 03 April 2023, 23:59, go to the apply page for details.

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