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Our ventures

Our ventures

Our ventures have great stories to tell. Below you can read more about them and find out how to get in touch with them directly.

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Apricot Centre (CIC) Wellbeing Service for Children and Families

With a focus on high quality local food, wellbeing and creativity the Apricot Centre CIC runs projects, activities, and delivers therapies for children, families, schools and communities in East Anglia and South Devon. We specialise in working with children and families in complex life circumstances, from deprived areas, and young people in care or who have been adopted. 

Campus Interaction

More than 4.5 million graduates in India are jobless every year, and the situation is worse in rural India. Campus Interaction’s vision is to improve the employability of graduates through technology.

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Citizen Zoo

Promoting rewilding by facilitating citizen-led conservation of native endangered species. Citizen Zoo will provide skills and knowledge training to people and work with local conservation groups who will supply expertise on different species and their conservation needs.

The Coco

The Coco aims to challenge ‘fast fashion’ and ‘throwaway consumerism’ by creating the ultimate online marketplace for the conscious consumer. With an emphasis on knowledge-sharing, The Coco provides a curated selection of innovative brands that challenge the status quo with their commitment to sustainability and ethics. connects people with bikes! They are a social marketplace for bike sharing. Their mission is to make bikes easily available and affordable to everyone everywhere. They aim to unlock the assets of unused bikes.

The next generation of coders are facing serious challenges due to the lack of focus on computing and software development in the curriculum, especially with regard to the most relevant platform of mobile devices. Outside education the issue remains the same with a choice of either over simplified or off-putting complex development tools.

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Estelle Levin Ltd

Estelle Levin Ltd. is a specialist consultancy dedicated to responsible mining and sourcing. We build sustainable supply chains from mine to market with SME and vanguard corporations, governments, multilaterals and NGOs to creating structures and cultures that make responsible business the norm. We see the mineral sector as a complex living system where all the different players have an important and valid role and forge progress at the interstices between different ways of seeing and doing. We convene multiple perspectives and the right people to design and implement sustainable solutions, together.


GenPol delivers research-based policy proposals, training and consulting services on matters related to gender. It builds knowledge, tools and resources for a fairer, gender-aware approach to education, law and order, business and policy-making.


GlobalTravelWallet offers a digital alternative to cash in many of Africa’s most cash-centric economies. They have been successful in bringing Visa, large local financial institutions, government and regulators to support their financial inclusion efforts and create a lasting social impact for the financially excluded.

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Hearts Milk Bank

Donor breast milk is used to enhance the chances of survival and long-term health of sick and premature babies who have no access to maternal milk. There is currently a lack of equitable access to donor breast milk across the UK. Hearts Milk Bank aims to provide a consistent source of safe, screened donor breast milk to neonatal units across London and the southeast.

Justice Adda

Justice Adda is a human rights and legal design social venture, which aims to make the law and legal services, accessible, empowering and useful for everyone. Justice Adda provides legal communication expertise through backgrounders, infographics, instruction manuals, animation and web-based multimedia products for organizations that require engaging, succinct and plain-language content.

Kinetic Science

Kinetic Science is a charity which inspires children to consider science and maths as career options. They make learning fun and through their school outreach programmes, take an experience into the school classroom which would not normally be available.


Konnektis enables collaborative person-centred care older people living independently by integrating the network of professional and informal carers. Konnektis a secure, web-based platform that runs on a dedicated 3G Internet-enabled tablet that stays in the home, becoming the enabling hub for secure real-time collaboration between carers and communication with the older person receiving care.


LawBot was started in 2016 at the University of Cambridge with a simple goal in mind: to help regular people understand the difficult rules that shape and govern our everyday life.


Mindz teaches young people mindfulness. Mindfulness is increasingly being taught in schools and communities and offers effective techniques for relaxation, mental resilience and psychological wellbeing. By teaching evidence-based psychological skills, Mindz positively supports the development of young people and improves their mental health.

Moon Lane Ink

Moon Lane Ink has grown out of Tales on Moon Lane, an award-winning children’s Bookshop in London. Moon Lane Ink extends their focus into secondary education, utilising peer recommendation and student run pop-up bookshop enterprise days to promote business skills and reading for pleasure. They act as a bridge between schools and publishing to develop practical approaches to addressing the need for greater inclusivity in the UK publishing industry.

The OCD Research Partnership

The OCD Research Partnership is a new medical charity that focuses on developing new and better treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a debilitating mental illness.

Overstream Clean

Overstream Clean is a professional cleaning and gardening service for business in the Cambridge city centre. It’s unique in that it mainly uses bicycles with GPS trackers: reliability and communication are key to what it offers businesses and organisations. In addition, Overstream Clean provides skills training to people with experience of or at risk of homelessness. Working in partnership with local businesses, housing associations and the council, we aim to be an exemplary model of getting people furthest away from employment back into work.

Parent Zone

Parent Zone creates solutions to problems created or amplified by the Internet. These problems affect all families but young people who are also vulnerable offline are impacted to a greater degree than their peers. Parent Zone’s events, training, consultancy and publications are sold and/or distributed to families, schools, corporates, social services, the police, and other stakeholders who care about building online resilience in young people. Their customers include Vodafone, Google, Microsoft, Virgin Media and Disney and they have reached into 17,000 schools and all 43 police forces in the country.


Playphysio provides gaming solutions that transform the daily physiotherapy routines of children suffering with respiratory conditions from sources of conflict into fun and engaging experiences.


Slate2Learn provides Indian primary school children with access to a tablet-based intelligent tutoring system for under $0.15 an hour, based on small learning hubs equipped with a micro-server and 10 to 40 Android tablets. Slate2learn uses data analytics to track learning progress across all the learning hubs thus offering a personalised learning experience to each child, and high quality support and advice to each teacher.


Tribalingual is a platform that allows people to learn rare and endangered languages online. Teaching is performed daily through videos, audio and text, with a 30 minute Skype session with your language and cultural teacher once a week. Tribalingual aims to provide a rich and rewarding experience to learners while also helping preserve some of humanity’s most endangered languages. 

TTG Training CIC

TTG supports ex-offenders, young people and those seeking an alternative curriculum. Offering bespoke programs of trade, employment and life skills, it returns responsibility to the individual in a safe, viable and sustainable environment. A live work-based strand allows exposure to the market to road test employment readiness.

Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? creates high quality, ethically made clothes that come with their life story. Each garment has a code on the label so that the customer can trace their garment’s journey – right back to the cotton farm. We believe that this helps the customer to build a stronger connection to their clothes which will ultimately ensure that they love them more and shop more ethically in the future.