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Our ventures

Our ventures

Our ventures have great stories to tell. Below you can read more about them and find out how to get in touch with them directly.

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Africa Technology Business Network

The Africa Technology Business Network (ATBN) is a global network focused on accelerating technology growth and impact in Africa. They work to drive investment into the African technology sector by increasing investor interest and understanding of the market. They connect a global network of Africa-focused innovators and investors to collaborate and exchange knowledge through platforms such as their annual Africa Technology Business Forum.

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Africa Technology Business Network logo


ArchaeoLink helps local communities take ownership of their archaeological sites and cultural heritage. Local groups are empowered to develop attributes associated with their archaeology, and contribute to the archaeological project bringing benefits of local information, site preservation and conservation.

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Archaeolink logo

BeeBee Wraps

BeeBee Wraps are reusable, biodegradable beeswax food wraps that provide a sustainable alternative to plastic. BeeBee Wraps allow your food to breathe and stay fresher than when wrapped in plastic, and with every use, you positively impact on the environment by reducing plastic pollution.

BeeBee Wraps logo connects people with bikes! They are a social marketplace for bike sharing. Their mission is to make bikes easily available and affordable to everyone everywhere. They aim to unlock the assets of unused bikes.

Cycle Land logo


GenPol delivers research-based policy proposals, training and consulting services on matters related to gender. It builds knowledge, tools and resources for a fairer, gender-aware approach to education, law and order, business and policy-making.

Logo GenPol


GlobalTravelWallet offers a digital alternative to cash in many of Africa’s most cash-centric economies. They have been successful in bringing Visa, large local financial institutions, government and regulators to support their financial inclusion efforts and create a lasting social impact for the financially excluded.

Global Travel Wallet logo

Kinetic Science

Kinetic Science is a charity which inspires children to consider science and maths as career options. They make learning fun and through their school outreach programmes, take an experience into the school classroom which would not normally be available.

Kinetic Science team

Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus helps new parents who have taken time out to care for their children to stay on the leadership pipeline. Inspiring events and professional development give Parent Leaders access to inspirational models and evidence based practice. Most opportunities are baby inclusive, breaking the paradigm that it is ok to develop professionally while caring for small children.

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Leaders Plus

Levin Sources

Levin Sources is a consultancy and social venture that moves more minerals through systems where good governance and better business are the norm. For more than seven years, they have been at the forefront of responsible mining and sourcing, with unique expertise in issues surrounding raw materials sustainability and artisanal and small-scale mining.

Levin Sources deploy its assets to find inventive and pragmatic solutions to complex issues in supply chains all over the world. Through their work, the company drives performance in upstream and downstream mineral economies, creating and optimising the operating conditions that make responsible business conduct possible.

Levin Sources logo

The Lily-Jo Project

The Lily-Jo Project is an award-winning online mental health resource, designed to help individuals help themselves, with information, practical top tips, expert advice, stories of hope, recommended resources, blogs, interviews and more.

The Lily-Jo Project logo


mamoq aims to challenge 'fast fashion' and 'throwaway consumerism' by creating the ultimate online marketplace for the conscious consumer. With an emphasis on knowledge-sharing, mamoq provides a curated selection of innovative brands that challenge the status quo with their commitment to sustainability and ethics.

mamoq logo


Mindz teaches young people mindfulness. Mindfulness is increasingly being taught in schools and communities and offers effective techniques for relaxation, mental resilience and psychological wellbeing. By teaching evidence-based psychological skills, Mindz positively supports the development of young people and improves their mental health.

Mindz logo

Moon Lane Ink

Moon Lane Ink has grown out of Tales on Moon Lane, an award-winning children’s Bookshop in London. Moon Lane Ink extends their focus into secondary education, utilising peer recommendation and student run pop-up bookshop enterprise days to promote business skills and reading for pleasure. They act as a bridge between schools and publishing to develop practical approaches to addressing the need for greater inclusivity in the UK publishing industry.

Moon Lane Ink logo

MM Community

MM Community is a platform for crowdsourcing infrastructure bonds in Myanmar. Locals can propose and fund schools, roads and hospitals with 100 per cent government repayment. Once the project is implemented, loan repayments, interest along with project specific perks such as medical vouchers are paid back to the communities.

MM Community logo

The OCD Research Partnership

The OCD Research Partnership is a new medical charity that focuses on developing new and better treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a debilitating mental illness.

OCD Research Partnership logo

Overstream Clean

Overstream Clean is a professional cleaning and gardening service for business in the Cambridge city centre. It’s unique in that it mainly uses bicycles with GPS trackers: reliability and communication are key to what it offers businesses and organisations. In addition, Overstream Clean provides skills training to people with experience of or at risk of homelessness. Working in partnership with local businesses, housing associations and the council, we aim to be an exemplary model of getting people furthest away from employment back into work.

Overstream Clean logo

Posh Pods at Prospects Trust

The Prospects Trust at Snakehall Farm is a charity providing supportive work/training for adults with additional needs. Posh Pods is a proposed spinout: three fully holiday pods for ‘glamping’ on the farm, to be run as a holiday letting aimed particularly at families/adults with disabilities, driving income, added value and providing new work opportunities for the adults who access The Prospects Trust.

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The Prospects Trust


Solaware provides wearable solar lighting to ensure access to safe, healthy and affordable lighting. Based on technology from the University of Cambridge, they offer a source of light to the three billion people that don’t have reliable access to electricity, replacing dangerous and toxic kerosene lamps and candles, allowing people to continue to work, study, and socialise at night. The device offers up to five hours of bright light each night whilst being substantially smaller than others on the market.

Solaware logo


Thrift makes the process of donating your best unwanted clothes more convenient, more rewarding, and more transparent. With the ThriftBox service, you order a box, fill it up and a courier collects. You can then track your items until they sell, and you get 25 per cent back as credit on the Thrift store. Thrift provides a quality-assured, risk-free place to buy top second-hand brands.

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Thrift+ logo


Watipa is a social enterprise working to enable equal societies, just development, and equal health for all. Watipa provides ethical consultancy services in public health, human rights, democracy, sustainable development and inclusive social change to a variety of government, non-government and private sector clients. Profits support a youth development programme that provides scholarships and mentorship opportunities to young leaders in developing countries.

Watipa logo

Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? creates high quality, ethically made clothes that come with their life story. Each garment has a code on the label so that the customer can trace their garment’s journey – right back to the cotton farm. We believe that this helps the customer to build a stronger connection to their clothes which will ultimately ensure that they love them more and shop more ethically in the future.

Where does it come from? logo