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The Critical Perspectives on Social Innovation series from the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation aims to provide you with insightful critiques of social innovation theory and practice.

The idea and practices of social innovation have been adopted by social, public and private organisations across the globe. In particular, financial instruments and entrepreneurship as the primary routes to social impact. In doing so, there is the danger of an ‘one size fits all’ approach to social innovation, rather than exploring practises drawn from other times, places and cultural contexts.

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Critical commentaries on contemporary social innovation theory and practise as well as exploring alternative approaches.

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Social innovation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: 5 blockages to progress Social innovators have embraced UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they provide a framework for their work and spark creativity in addressing global issues. However, progress towards the SDGs has been slow. While various entities are engaged in efforts to achieve the goals, there are 5 core assumptions that are hindering progress. These assumptions shape a specific approach to social change that needs to be reconsidered in order to make significant strides towards meeting the SDG targets. Neil Stott Download full commentary