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The Centre for Strategic Philanthropy aims to engage diverse voices to discuss strategic philanthropy. See below for summaries of the discussions and outcomes of our events portfolio:

Webinar – Racial Inequality in Organisations: What Can Be Done?

Kamal Munir.

19 June 2020

Join this talk on Racial Inequality in Organisations with Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy & Policy, Academic Director, Centre for Strategic Philanthropy, Race & Inclusion Champion.

In this talk, Dr Kamal Munir,  will link what is happening in America and the UK to how racial inequality reproduces itself in organisations. Kamal will shed light on the research that has been done on this topic and discuss where that leaves us as leaders of these organisations.

Watch the “Racial Inequality in Organisations: What Can Be Done?” webinar recording

Davos 2020: The Role of Philanthropy in Emerging Economies

Davos, Switzerland.

22 January 2020

A high-level breakfast meeting held as part of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland brought together a diverse mix of philanthropy practitioners, government officials, business leaders and academic experts to discuss the potential contribution that effective emerging market philanthropy could play in delivering on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The rapid rise in philanthropy from these markets, the forthcoming $4 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer expected in the next decade and the $2.5 trillion annual SDG funding gap, provided important context for the discussion.

The meeting was co-hosted by Professor Stephen Toope, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, and Mr Badr Jafar, CEO of Crescent Enterprises.

Read more: Davos 2020

Discussion with Bill Gates: Philanthropy in the Gulf

Bill Gates.

19 November 2019

A group of philanthropists from the Gulf region spoke with Bill Gates in a roundtable discussion focused on various aspects of global and local philanthropy and identified specific trends, challenges and opportunities. The participants acknowledged the very significant opportunity of growing philanthropy from the region, the vast intergenerational wealth transfer expected in the coming decade and the $400bn-$1 trillion per annum of Islamic global giving. However, they also agreed that this potential is not being maximised due to a range of obstacles and restrictions, some of which are specific to the region but some of which are shared globally.