Cambridge Women Can

This year’s conference recognised the impact of the pandemic and, in an outstanding conference programme, took a closer look at flexibility and the future of work; how to build resilience; creating actionable equity, diversity and inclusion agendas and how to shape a sustainable mindset.

WLC was delighted to welcome as keynote speakers:

  • Alison Loehnis, President, Luxury and Fashion, NET-A-PORTER, MR PORTER and THE OUTNET in Conversation with Ruth Kennedy, Managing Director at Kennedy Dundas
  • Tilly Franklin, Chief Investment Officer at the University of Cambridge.
CJBS Women holding up a yellow placard that says "Cambridge women can".

The Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre was thrilled to announce the return of their annual conference. The week-long programme of online keynote conversations and panel discussions, delivered a thought-provoking series from outstanding leaders. The Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre would like to thank Goldman Sachs for their generous sponsorship of the conference again this year.  

Programme of events

Monday 7 June,

Conference Welcome & Panel: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

A look at how we can build beyond the ‘buzz-words’ and create actionable, holistic agendas across society.

Tuesday 8 June,

Keynote: Alison Loehnis in conversation with Ruth Kennedy

Wednesday 9 June,

Panel: Sustainability

Asking such questions as how do we shape roles so that everyone incorporates a sustainable mindset?

Thursday 10 June,

Panel: Flexibility and the Future of Work

Now that the pandemic has forced organisations to rethink the traditional concept of the office, how should they redesign the workplace for greater flexibility and to better serve women?

Friday 11 June,

Keynote: Tilly Franklin

Panel: Resilience

Hear from business leaders who have seen – and survived – shocks to their businesses on how to adapt after a crisis, and how women can enter the workplace more resilient than ever.