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Jochem Kroezen

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Jochem Kroezen

University Lecturer in International Business

BA (HES Amsterdam), MPhil, PhD (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Research interests

Organisational sociology; institutions and institutional change; industry evolution; organisational identity formation; socio-economic inequality; history and tradition; craft in organisational society; business collective action; international business.

Subject group: Strategy & International Business

Professional experience


Jochem's main research focuses on processes of institutional change. Current projects examine the revival of craft in organisational society, dynamics of business collective action, and mechanisms underlying socio-economic inequality. In his research, Jochem uses both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including meta-analysis and fsQCA. 

His work on the revival of craft in the Dutch beer brewing industry has been published in Administrative Science Quarterly while related articles have appeared in Business History, in the Economics of the Craft Beer Revolution (Palgrave Macmillan) and in Constructing Identity in and around Organizations (Oxford University Press). 

Part of his ongoing work on business collective action in the alcohol industry around the issue of harmful alcohol use has been published in How Institutions Matter! (RSO, Emerald Insight).

Other ongoing projects that he is involved in include the use of history by Dutch craft brewery entrepreneurs, a meta-analysis of gender differences in academic research performance, gender (in)equality in professional tennis, the development of sustainable livelihoods in rural Indonesia, the legitimation of social enterprises in the Middle East, and schematic differences between market and professional institutional logics.


Since 2014, Jochem has been teaching International Business in the MBA and Executive MBA programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School as well as in the Engineering Tripos programme at the University's Department of Engineering. He also co-ordinates the Global Business concentration for the MBA and teaches quantitative research methods in the Social Innovation MSt programme.

He has extensive experience with Executive Education. He has been leading the introductory module of the Barclays Compliance Career Academy since 2015 and also taught in programmes for other high-profile banks, as well as for the HNA Group.

Previous appointments

Prior to joining Cambridge Judge Business School, Jochem was an ERIM PhD Candidate at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Awards & honours

  • Cambridge Judge Business School Teaching Award, 2016
  • Best Student Paper Award, Western Academy of Management, 2014

Selected publications

Heugens, P.P.M.A.R. and Kroezen, J.J. (2018) "What is dead may never die: institutional regeneration through logic reemergence in Dutch beer brewing." Administrative Science Quarterly (DOI: 10.1177/0001839218817520) (published online Dec 2018; forthcoming in print)

Van Dijk, M., Kroezen, J. and Slob, B. (2018) "From Pilsner desert to craft beer oasis: the rise of craft brewing in the Netherlands." In: Swinnen, J. and Garavaglia, C. (eds.) The craft beer revolution: a global economic perspective. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.259-294

Foster, W.M., Coraiola, D.M., Suddaby, R., Kroezen, J. and Chandler, D. (2017) "The strategic use of historical narratives: a theoretical framework." Business History, 59(8), 1176-1200 (DOI: 10.1080/00076791.2016.1224234)

Christiansen, L.H. and Kroezen, J.J. (2016) "Institutional maintenance through business collective action: the alcohol industry's engagement with the issue of alcohol-related harm." In: Gehman, J., Lounsbury, M. and Greenwood, R. (eds.) How institutions matter! (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Vol.49B). Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing, pp.101-143

Lamertz, K., Foster, W.M., Coraiola, D.M. and Kroezen, J. (2016) "New identities from remnants of the past: an examination of the history of beer brewing in Ontario and the recent emergence of craft breweries." Business History, 58(5): 796-828 (DOI: 10.1080/00076791.2015.1065819)

Kroezen, J.J. and Heugens, P.P.M.A.R. (2012) "Organizational identity formation: processes of identity imprinting and enactment in the Dutch microbrewing landscape." In: Schultz, M., Maguire, S., Langley, A. and Tsoukas, H. (eds.) Constructing identity in and around organizations. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.89-128

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Contact details

Jochem Kroezen
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

Tel: +44 (0)1223 330740