Who can register to be a participant?
Anyone who is interested can register to take part in experiments. However, to participate in laboratory experiments, you should be able to come in person to our experimental laboratory in Cambridge.

Why is it important to enter accurate and truthful information when registering?
The information you provide is a crucial element of the experimental research. If you do not wish to provide certain information please leave the field blank. Providing as much information as possible creates a more complete account which in turn will increase the probability of being invited.

Anyone found to have provided false information will not be permitted to take part in experiments.

I have registered for an experiment, but cannot register for all the other experiments, as they have disappeared.
Nearly all experiments consist of several sessions. You can only register for one session for any given experiment, and therefore the other sessions will no longer be available.

I have seen that there are sessions with free places in the calendar. Why am I not able to register for these sessions?
For the most experiments, we only invite a random subset of all participants. In addition, we may sometimes only invite participants who have certain characteristics, for instance, people who have not participated in some former experiments.

Do you pay me for participating in experiments? How much?
Yes. The average pay for participating in an experiment is £10. Some experiments use performance-related pay. Each participant invited to an experiment will receive at least £3 for turning up on time.

Do I have to show up when I am invited to an experiment?
Once you have confirmed you are going to participate in an experiment you should turn up as per the rules of participation.

How can I cancel my registration for an experiment?
You should always attend if you have confirmed that you will be participating in an experiment. However, if you become ill or are not able to attend due to some unforeseeable event, please reply to your invitation email as soon as possible. Please state your reasons in detail.