Vanessa Marcie, Dean Scholarship Recipient, Cambridge MBA at Cambridge Judge

Scholarship awarded: Dean’s Scholarship

Programme: Cambridge EMBA 2016

Education: PhD (University of Côte d’Azur)

Current position: Head of Marketing and Communications, Team Côte d’Azur

To study at CJBS is a transforming experience. It does more than teach you, it inspires you

A diverse background in communications & marketing

During my 17 year career I have mastered many facets of the communications & marketing industry and my definition of success has evolved as I have reached my goals. From becoming a journalist aged 21 to successfully running a PR agency in London 14 years later; from managing internal and external communications for one of the six “supermajor” oil companies in the world, to getting a PhD; from lecturing in communications at university and publishing my first academic book, I have had many successful experiences that allowed me to know each part of my job in depth and to thrive in what I am doing currently: heading the marketing & communications department of an investment promotion agency.

A transforming experience

I consider the Cambridge EMBA experience as a turning point for my career and I believe I’m growing as a professional and as an individual through having the exposure to the Cambridge Executive MBA’s true mentors, their leadership and business acumen. To study at CJBS is a transforming experience. It does more than teach you, it inspires you. 

On being awarded the Dean’s Scholarship

I am so proud to have been granted this prestigious scholarship. There is no better incentive to aim for excellency, and to inspire other people to follow your example. It is an immense proof of trust in someone’s capability to achieve their ambition and dreams. I fully intend to use this amazing opportunity to make the world a better place.

Working strategically to achieve a vision and inspire other women

I am now aiming for more strategic roles, to lead a company to achieve its vision rather than just handling its communications & marketing. Being involved in France’s start-up scene, I developed a fascination for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. It is an interesting time for me to be in business, with business models and concepts changing rapidly, especially in tech. Thus exposure to cutting edge thinking is crucial for success. I’d like my knowledge and my ambition to serve a purpose, the growth of the entrepreneurship spirit; to serve as an example of a woman’s will to succeed and thrive; to be part of the definition of good leadership, fair and inspirational. For all those reasons, I’m a firm believer the 25 years of CJBS excellence will enable me to reach the very top of my game and to break a glass ceiling that French women, and women all over the world still encounter far too often.