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Rethinking the classics in international business strategy (CIBAM Distinguished Lecture)

Professor Alain VerbekeEvery now and again there comes a time in the development of a field of inquiry when some bright spark gets up and challenges traditional thinking by turning accepted theories on their heads. Well, it seems the world of International Business scholarship is experiencing just such a moment with the publication of a new book by an accepted authority on business strategy.

Professor Alain Verbeke, guest speaker at the 2009 CIBAM Distinguished Lecture, has written International Business Strategy that will have boardrooms poring over its every word in great detail. It dispels guru messages using real cases and constructs a new framework for the essence of international business strategy and the foundations of global corporate success. Gurus, he thinks underestimate the complexity of the markets.

Speakers at the Distinguished Lecture included Dr Christos Pitelis, Mr Jack Keenan, Professor Alan Rugman, Professor Alain Verbeke and Professor Peter Buckley.