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Dr Philip Wood, Allen & Overy: So who can save the world, economists or lawyers?

Dr Philip Wood QC (Hon)Some are rich some are poor, some save others spend, but as one part of the global world grows and another shrinks back the traditional power structures between the developed and the developing world are undergoing change and reconfiguration. What will the new world order look like, who will do well, and what changes are needed if companies are to survive and emerge stronger out of the recession? One thing’s for sure, “austerity” is the new buzz word and improved governance structures, better regulation and better value are needed if brands are to create trust and succeed. We report from the recent CIBAM Global Business Symposium on “The New World Order after the Crisis”.

Current and recent world leaders are either economists or lawyers but who governs best? Dr Philip Wood QC (Hon), Special Global Counsel at Allen & Overy, gives his views.