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Brandwashed – a sign of the times?


Martin LindstromMartin Lindstrom, a globally recognised marketer and one of Time magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People, will be visiting Cambridge Judge Business School on 1 February 2012 as part of his publicity tour to promote his new book, Brandwashed.

Speaking first to the MST Undergraduate ‘Introduction to Marketing’ class about social media, Martin will then give a talk to a wider audience about his book and the psychology behind the strategies companies devise to persuade the consumer to buy their products.

He will also present his TV reality show, Meet the Morgensons, which took actors posing as a real life family, setting them in an exclusive neighbourhood in Southern California to covertly market a select group of products to their friends, family and neighbours. The aim of this was to monitor word-of-mouth marketing and establish just how powerful it is as a marketing channel.

Eric Levy, University Lecturer in Marketing, stated:

I’m excited to hear Martin’s insights into how companies attempt to trick and persuade us to buy their brands. This information seems useful, not only for future marketers and corporate strategists, but also for consumers looking to better understand why we make the choices we do.”

Journalists are welcome to attend the talk and can register their interest by contacting the School’s Media Relations team.