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Final FINNOV (Financing Innovation and Growth) conference takes place


Members of the Centre for Business Research (CBR) contributed to the final conference of the FP7 FINNOV project (Finance, Innovation & Growth), which focused on the need for finance to be reformed so that it serves innovation and value creation – rather than innovation serving finance and too much value destruction.

FINNOV’s motto is “finance for creative destruction not destructive creation”.

The conference opened on 1 February 2012 at the House of Commons in Westminster. CBR’s Professor Alan Hughes and Professor Stan Metcalfe were among those debating the topic “Driving the post-crisis recovery”.

Watch a video of the debate:

The next day, at the Italian Cultural Institute in London, CBR’s Dr Andrea Mina was one of the speakers on the subject “Venture capital and public research: where are the Googles?”

Watch a video of his presentation: