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Innovation key as Idea Transform partners Silicon Milkround Cambridge


Innovative ideas development programme partners with jobs fair for innovative tech startups

17 April 2012, Silicon Milkround Cambridge has joined forces with Idea Transform to provide startups and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to build and develop their ventures.

The Idea Transform programme has been created to support those developing innovative ideas that can benefit and improve society, while Silicon Milkround Cambridge is an event to help innovative technology startups grow by recruiting top engineers and developers.

The two have now come together in a partnership that will help strengthen the Cambridge startup ecosystem by improving business creation and growth opportunities.

The winner of Idea Transform’s first event, which takes place over the course of this coming weekend (20-22 April 2012), will receive a spot at Silicon Milkround Cambridge’s lightning pitch challenge the following weekend, the winner of which stands a chance of winning either an iPad 3 or Kindle.

Idea Transform will also provide the opportunity for its category winners to exhibit in the main hall at Silicon Milkround Cambridge, where they can collect CVs from attendees switched on to working for enthusiastic young companies and projects that can deliver long-term change across the globe.

Chris Measures, co-founder, Idea Transform, said:

Turning a brilliant idea into a successful business takes a lot of energy and a whole range of skills. Working with Silicon Milkround Cambridge will give Idea Transform’s winners the chance to develop and add to their teams, while providing candidates with a whole range of exciting roles where they can make a difference.”

Tom Adeyoola, CEO and founder of Metail, the company behind Silicon Milkround Cambridge, said:

We need to hire people and we need to show developers and engineers that there is an alternative to the City and the safety net of the big technology firms. Startups are a real exciting alternative. We’ve seen that with our engineers: we have one who used to work for Goldman Sachs, even an Athenian web developer (our best candidate for the job) who is moving from Greece to come work for us. There are lots of jobs in startups…really exciting ones. So come and join the startup world and make a difference!”