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When business and science collide: The Hour between Dog & Wolf


Dr John Coates in the running for two separate Book of the Year awards for both business and science

Dr John Coates, Fellow in Neuroscience & Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, is potentially one of the only authors to have reached the final stages of two separate book prizes in both the business and science categories.

The widely acclaimed The Hour between Dog and Wolf has been shortlisted for the Financial Times and Goldman Sach Business Book of the Year Award, as well as making the longlist of the 2012 Wellcome Trust Book Prize, which covers themes such as scientific research, human behaviour and genetics. The shortlist for the latter will be announced in October.

A former Wall Street trader, Dr Coates’ current research focuses on the biology of risk taking and his work is also publishing in top science journals. In his book, he explores economic behaviour and reveals it’s not just our brains that react to financial risk taking, but our bodies too. He describes the high-pressure world of Wall Street by telling a story of fictional traders as they are caught up in a bubble and then a crash. As the characters succumb to irrational exuberance and then pessimism, Dr Coates looks inside their bodies to describe the physiology driving their behaviour.

The Hour between Dog and Wolf, which was published by Random House, has been serialised by the New York Times and TIME Magazine, is already a Bloomberg Top Business Book and has featured in CNBC’s 12 Business Books for 2012.