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Building a Centre with impact


As CJBS Executive Education launches the Centre for Compliance & Trust, the Centre’s Executive Director, Richard Hill, shares some of the vision for Centre activities

2013_news_buildingacentreThe Centre for Compliance & Trust will be focused on impact and practicality. Sitting within the Executive Education function of Cambridge Judge Business School, our goal is to create impact through meaningful engagements with key industry players. These partnerships will support the development of behaviours and practices that are demanded of them in the new environment of regulation and responsibility.

Activities that the Centre for Compliance & Trust will engage with include partner collaborations in the form of training programmes, seminars and workshops as well as knowledge curation and dissemination.

In the process of working with these organisations we hope to develop insights and thought leadership in areas critical to the finance industry. This ‘deep engagement’ will be an opportunity for faculty to work alongside practitioners to shed new light on the way financial institutions can operate to deliver 21st century banking, and in turn develop new learning tools and programmes which can deliver effective behavioural change.

Cambridge Judge Business School is uniquely placed at the heart of one of the world’s great universities, creating an opportunity to convene thinking from a range of disciplines on the questions of the value and function of the financial industry and how organisations within the industry can respond to the need for increased trust and good conduct.

To share this knowledge with a wider audience the Centre will host webinars and events that are focused on increasing public awareness of the challenges within the compliance and regulation space as well as the development of specific sector behaviours. Our purpose is support the development of banking and finance practice which is fit for the future, and to do that we recognise the need to engage with all stakeholders in the industry. Through these activities we aim to engage with public, industry, regulatory and political stakeholders, gaining perspectives from all sides as we help to form thinking around future practice.