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Chandran Sankaran, Zyme Solutions: Entrepreneurship is crafted


Leading international entrepreneur Chandran Sankaran, Founder and CEO of Zyme Solutions, feels that entrepreneurship is crafted in much the same way that people learn to become opera singers, ballet dancers or accounting professionals

After delivering his MBA Cambridge Leadership Seminar on ‘The Craft of Entrepreneurship’, Mr Sankaran told us in an interview for Cambridge Judge Business School’s website that he felt that many more people are capable of being successful entrepreneurs, but view entrepreneurship as mysterious and unapproachable.

“There is certainly some self-selection in terms of core skillsets that you’re born with. Not everyone can be a world-class ballet dancer, but a whole lot more people can get pretty close through the crafting of it.”

Chandran Sankaran’s Zyme Solutions software business is based in San Francisco and Bangalore.