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Entertaining success: alumna Nathalie Dauriac on keeping the customer satisfied


The FT’s upmarket How to Spend It magazine recently featured alumna Nathalie Dauriac-Stoebe, Founder and CEO of private banking and asset management company, Signia Wealth.

Nathalie, who manages funds in excess of £2bn for 93 global clients, gives an insight into the ceaseless round of entertaining that is her life in finance. She told the FT:

I manage a business-related breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week and sometimes at weekends … and I now host two dinners a week at home.”

Nathalie also runs regular events for clients that feature inspiring speakers in unusual venues:

These evenings work well because they’re bespoke and unique; without fail they generate lots of ideas, debate and networking opportunities.”

Her female clients also get the bespoke treatment with a three-monthly event for women only. Recent speakers have included designer Amanda Wakeley and jewellery entrepreneur Annoushka Ducas.

An exhausting schedule but it’s all worth it, says Nathalie. Many of her clients have become good friends:

They are invariably engaging, likeable and interesting people … Close friendships are almost inevitable. I don’t just want to talk business. I want to know what they want to get out of life.”

Nathalie gained a Diploma in Management Studies from Cambridge Judge in 1999. She will be coming back to the School later this year to speak about her career to the current MFin class.

Quotes supplied by the FT.