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Leading innovative organisations

New programme shared between Cambridge and Brussels
A unique new programme for senior managers and business leaders is being offered jointly by two of Europe’s most prominent business schools to bolster the approach to innovation and creativity.

Cambridge Judge Business School and Vlerick Business School, in Brussels, feel the programme will fine-tune innovation strategies and maximise competitive advantage within networks and eco-systems.

Michael Barrett, Professor of Information Systems & Innovation Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, says the programme ‘Leading Innovative Organisations’ is for leaders who recognise the importance of innovation in today’s competitive global environment.

He says it is crucial for companies to be innovative but also to recognise innovation and creativity that emerge both from within and from collaborative organisations.

“A number of companies have as their compass and their watchword – innovation. What does it mean and how can they leverage it effectively and commercialise new ideas is something that one in four, in a recent survey, feel they cannot do very effectively.”

Professor Barrett adds that innovation, not just creativity, is important in generating new ideas.

“How you implement and develop them across your industry or in your eco-system so as to provide new forms of value creation for your customers and others in that eco-system is vitally important today.”

The first part of the programme is to be delivered in Cambridge in September and the second part follows in Brussels in October and aims to attract executives from many global companies.