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Pinky Lilani, Spice Magic: Kindness and gratitude can lead to success

Kindness and gratitude are major contributors to success in business, according to one of the UK’s leading women entrepreneurs

Pinky Lilani, Founder and Chief Executive of Spice Magic, is listed among the top 30 most powerful Muslim women in the country.

Awarded an OBE in 2007, she is included in the list of this country’s 100 most entrepreneurial women and attributes her success to a belief in the importance of food, culture, hospitality, collaboration and relationship-building.

Pinky Lilani admitted to her audience at a Cambridge MBA Leadership Seminar that she could not even boil an egg when she first arrived in England.

Cookery demonstration by Pinky Lilani

She identified kindness and gratitude as two important qualities around which she believes business success can be built.

In an interview for Cambridge Judge Business School’s website she insisted that when those qualities are used, there are returns even in business.

“I think people, in the end, do business with people who have been kind to them. The kinder you are and have gone out of your way, people remember. Ultimately people are dealing with people.”