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Role of innovation and information infrastructure for inclusive growth


Advisor to the Prime Minister of India to speak at Cambridge Judge Business School

On Wednesday 10 July 2013 Cambridge Judge Business School will be welcoming Mr Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information, Infrastructure & Innovations.

As part of his visit to the School Mr Pitroda will be giving an early lunchtime lecture on the “Role of Innovation and Information Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth”.

Mr Pitroda has spent over four decades working on Information and Communications Technology national development initiatives, and is credited with initiating India´s technology and telecommunications revolution in the 1980s. As Adviser to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in the 1980s, he headed technology missions on critical developmental challenges helping revolutionise India´s policies with a focus on access to technology as the key to social change.

He is currently Adviser to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations and has undertaken the task of providing a plan for creating digital infrastructure in the country for enhancing governance and improving delivery of public services. He is also the Chairman of the National Innovation Council (NInC) which leads several initiatives to boost innovation performance in the country.