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The inaugural e-Luminate Festival


Clean technology innovators and visual artists to use light and installation art to show advances in environmentally-focused industry

The inaugural e-Luminate Festival takes place from 20-24 February 2013 in Cambridge. The festival is an exciting visual display which showcases one of Cambridge’s most upwardly mobile sectors, Clean Technology. In a series of collaborations, Clean Technology innovators and visual artists will use light and installation art to demonstrate some of the extraordinary breakthroughs in this modern and environmentally-focused industry.

The founder of e-Luminate, Alessandra Caggiano, was mentored by Hanadi Jabado, Director of Accelerate Cambridge at Cambridge Judge Business School, as part of the School’s accelerator programme launched in September 2012.

Hanadi Jabado commented: We are privileged to work with e-Luminate as they are a social enterprise start-up contributing to the development of other start-ups. They shine a new light on innovation and remind us of the predominance of the Cambridge Clean Technology cluster.

e-Luminate believes that by promoting collaboration across sectors and working creatively together they can make innovative technologies more accessible and revitalise the local economy during quieter times of the year. The festival will showcase the most innovative ideas in Clean Technology, re-elaborated by the most creative artists in Cambridge, and in the country, to highlight the importance of the Cambridge ecosystem in reacting to the future sustainability challenges.

Festival Director, Alessandra Caggiano said:

While we are starting in a small way, we aspire to growing the festival year on year to rival other well established light festivals thanks to our innovative idea to use the latest products in clean technology lighting.”

The organisers say that this first edition of the festival has generated a great deal of interest, not just from sustainability innovators but artists, volunteers and the community at large.