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Executive Education social media campaign shortlisted for Heist Awards


A targeted social media campaign by Executive Education at Cambridge Judge Business School has been shortlisted for Heist Awards 2014.

AwardsA Twitter campaign for the Islamic Finance programme at Cambridge Judge has been included in ‘Best use of Digital/Social Media’ nominations list. This category highlights marketing activities concentrating on social media, portals and applications as well as YouTube or other online channels.

The Islamic Finance programme was launched in November 2013 and it was crucial for the Executive Education marketing team not only to promote the new programme but also find the required number of attendees. In addition to this, it was also important to raise the profile of Cambridge Judge Business School as a thought leader in Islamic Finance. And on the top of that – just two months to deliver.

Executive Education teamed up with Touchpoint Digital and launched a content driven campaign on Twitter which ran from mid-September to mid-November to coincide with the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF).

Tim Landucci, Marketing Director of Executive Education, said: “We set ourselves three key objectives: To generate high-quality applications for the first programme; to build a strong list of future prospects; and to highlight Cambridge Judge Business School as a thought leader in Islamic Finance. Across all three, we needed to rapidly generate interest in a completely new executive programme, and to inspire our target audience to engage with and share the messages to their contacts in turn – effectively creating a community of interest around the new Islamic Finance programme.”

The campaign was run in two stages: the first aimed to create a large base of good-quality Twitter followers through a promoted accounts campaign, while the second used promoted tweets to convert leads into participants in the first Islamic Finance programme.

Touchpoint did some research in order to identify suitable keywords and Twitter handles relating to Islamic Finance. Due to the tight deadline they also had to maintain close control over the campaign to ensure it reached its objectives and signed up enough attendees. The campaign was supported by a range of blogs, vlogs, emails, direct marketing and LinkedIn posts. As a result, the campaign delivered a total of 9,254 clicks on tweets, 213 re-tweets and more than 5,000 people followed Executive Education’s Twitter account.

Tim said:

The campaign has generated significant PR activity, further raising our profile and increasing interest levels in the programme. These benefits will deliver a more significant return in the longer term for Executive Education.

The winners of the awards will be announced at the Awards ceremony on 10 July in Manchester.