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AGRIinsight and Arcus Global join forces


Cambridge Judge alumni collaborate to launch online platform mapping agribusiness in Africa.


AGRIinsight and Arcus Global have announced a new partnership to provide an online mapping platform to support agribusiness investment in the developing world, which will reduce the cost and risk of investing in Africa’s agriculture sector.

AGRIinsight, a member of the second cohort of Cambridge Judge Business School’s Cambridge Social Ventures programme, is a secure cloud-based platform designed to support the many organisations that work within the agricultural sector.

Arcus Global, co-founded by Denis Kaminskiy and Lars Malmquist (Cambridge MBA 2008), offers innovative cloud computing products and services designed specifically for the public sector.

Both AGRIinsight and Arcus Global benefitted from the support of charity Allia, which offers support through social innovation, social finance and workspace. Arcus is an anchor tenant in Allia’s Future Business Centre (FBC) building, while AGRInsight is using its incubator facility.

Arcus Global is building AGRInsight’s core platform in return for an equity stake in the business, a process made easier by sharing a working space in Allia’s FBC.

The platform launches in May 2016 and will drive new investment into African agribusiness by consolidating and mapping information in a quick, reliable and easy-to-use format. The platform aims to create new opportunities for income generation and profitable investments in this growing market, facilitating collaborations between investors, agribusinesses, farmers and suppliers.