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Computer science


Hyperion Development, founded by Cambridge Judge student Riaz Moola, aims to improve computing skills in South Africa.


Hyperion Development, an online course platform for software developers in South Africa founded by a Cambridge Judge student, says that it has raised 1.3 million rand (about £55,000) from Google and Python Software Foundation.

Riaz Moola, an MPhil in Technology Policy student at the School, says the money will help Hyperion launch a new type of online Computer Science qualification in South Africa – a qualification termed a MicroDegree.

The company – which is taking part in the Cambridge Social Ventures programme at Cambridge Judge – will also work with local and international organisations including the South African Department of Education and the British Computing Society to help to deliver a national initiative that advances software development and computer science in the country.

The initiatives aim to address several issues relating to computer science in South Africa, including a shortage of teachers and developers in the field, and better development of computer science curriculum in schools at a young age. Hyperion says it now has 8,500 students on its courses.

Riaz says:

Every aspiring programmer or computer scientist in South Africa – and Africa – should have access to internationally excellent educational opportunities. Our partnership with Google will allow Hyperion to provide these opportunities to people across the continent.

Belinda Bell, programme director at Cambridge Social Ventures, says:

Hyperion is the type of social venture that can improve the lives and skills of a large number of people. We believe that our programme at Cambridge Social Ventures will help the company reach its goals.