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Genetic sequencing


GeneAdviser, supported by Cambridge Judge Business School, partners with Birmingham Women’s Hospital on personalised medicine.2016_news_geneticsequencing-883x432

Dr Jelena Aleksic
Dr Jelena Aleksic

GeneAdviser, an online ordering platform for genetic testing, has signed a partnership with Birmingham Women’s Hospital, the UK’s largest National Health Service (NHS) genetic service provider. GeneAdviser is supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme run by Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre.

The new partnership will help healthcare professionals order tests for genetic sequencing of tumours, each of which has a different genetic makeup, in order to better screen changes to tumours that may require clinical treatment.

Dr Jelena Aleksic, CEO of GeneAdviser said:

Birmingham Women’s Hospital combines outstanding and comprehensive genetics research and clinical expertise, making it an internationally renowned clinical laboratory. We are delighted to make their excellent genetic testing more accessible to doctors worldwide, helping them provide better care for their patients.

The Laboratory Director at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, Professor Michael Griffiths, added:

As the largest NHS genetics laboratory we already work closely with clinicians across the UK and internationally, and GeneAdviser will allow them to easily order the genetic tests they need for their patients.