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[email protected] and Cambridge Judge

Several entrepreneurial ventures with ties to Cambridge Judge are invited to the finals of [email protected] 6.0 at St James’s Palace.St. James Palace

Several entrepreneurial ventures with ties to Cambridge Judge Business School are among companies invited to the finals of the [email protected] 6.0 competition at St. James’s Palace on 2 November.

[email protected] was established by HRH The Duke of York, KG, who is patron of the Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre.

The 12 [email protected] finalists include Prison Voicemail, which is supported by the Cambridge Social Ventures programme at the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge, and Wave Optics, whose chairman Martin Harriman is a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge.

Prison Voicemail enables prisoners to exchange voicemail messages with pre-approved individuals on the outside using a prison’s existing phone system. Research shows that prisoners able to build better relationships with family members are less likely to reoffend.

Wave Optics has developed a patented waveguide technology designed to make augmented reality accessible and scalable; the technology doesn’t require prisms, mirrors or scarce materials, so it offers economies of scale.

Also attending [email protected], and eligible for the People’s Choice award voted by the broader public, are two ventures supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme at the Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre – Satavia and Swift Molecular Diagnostics.

Satavia has developed environmental awareness solutions for the aviation market, combining meteorology with big data and 3-D visualisation technology, while Swift Molecular Diagnostics has developed devices for accurate and low-cost genetic detection that does not require laboratory facilities or trained personnel.

The Duke of York said:

The breadth of ideas and the passion of the teams behind the businesses we have met as part of [email protected] 6.0 has been fantastic. From artificial intelligence to biotech developments, our nation’s start-up businesses are operating right at the cutting edge.

[email protected] Director and the Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge, Hanadi Jabado added:

“The reason why I am involved in [email protected] is because it is a unique platform to encourage and nurture entrepreneurship. It is the only platform which actually works for entrepreneurs rather than trying to take advantage of entrepreneurs as there is no exchange of money. There is no investment but the [email protected] platform has the best interests of the entrepreneurs and is a real accelerate in their progress.”

Top prize at the most recent [email protected] 5.0 competition was awarded in March to JustMilk, a venture supported by Accelerate Cambridge that helps breastfeeding mothers safely deliver nutrients and medicine to their babies.