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Research recognition


Cambridge Judge PhDs nominated for prestigious awards for their research at top management conferences.2016-05-12 Research recognition

Two PhD candidates at the School have been nominated for prestigious awards for their research papers, which they will present at two upcoming top management conferences.

Aulia Syakhroza, PhD candidate in Strategy & Organisations, has been nominated for the Best Conference Paper Award in the Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference, which takes place in Berlin in September 2016.

Aulia’s paper, “Partners in Crime: Code Violation and Preservation Between Category Insiders and Outsiders”, was co-authored with Cambridge Judge academics Lionel Paolella and Kamal Munir. It explores how members of an industry respond to the threat of novel change from new entrants within the empirical context of Islamic banks.

The second award nominee is Laura Claus, PhD candidate in Strategic Management, for a paper co-authored with Cambridge Judge academic Jochem Kroezen. The paper, “How Do Institutional Paradoxes Evolve? The Gender Equality Paradox in Professional Tennis”, will be published in the Journal of Best Paper Proceedings, ODC (Organization Development & Change) Division at the Academy of Management Conference. The conference takes place in Anaheim, California, in August 2016.

Laura’s paper looks at the problems that arise from compensating for biological gender differences through enforced regulations that often favour one over the other gender, particularly in professional sports. Laura goes on to look at how we can work through the paradox of categorical gender separation and gender equality over time.