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Women and business

Sucheta Nadkarni of Cambridge Judge speaks at several high profile events of interest to women in business.

businesswoman on her way to the office

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni of Cambridge Judge Business School, who authored a pioneering study last year on women in corporate boardrooms and is instrumental in the School’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, is speaking early this year at several high-profile events of interest to women and the broader business community.

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni
Professor Sucheta Nadkarni

Sucheta, Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management at Cambridge Judge, delivered the keynote address on 3 February to an event at the JP Morgan Centre in London organised by Level 20, a not-for-profit organisation formed by senior women in the private equity sector – which aims by 2020 to raise to 20 per cent the representation of women at senior levels in the European private equity industry.

The Marshall Society, which is the Economics Society of the University of Cambridge, will feature Sucheta as speaker 9 February at the launch event of a new women in economics speaker series. The Society dates to 1927, and former members include famous economist John Maynard Keynes.

Sucheta also will be part of a panel in Paris on 18 March at the Women Changing Women conference organised by Barnard College at Columbia University, which is Barnard’s eighth annual global symposium. The event will discuss “current events and rapidly changing policies that are influencing women’s roles across Europe, both in and out of the workplace” – including the issue of women in the boardroom, which Sucheta analysed in her study “The rise of women in society: enablers and inhibitors, a global study”.