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Better hearing through technology


Goshawk Communications, a social venture supported by Cambridge Judge that enhances mobile phones for the hearing impaired, links up with Manx Telecom subsidiary on the Isle of Man.

Vannin Ventures, a subsidiary of Manx Telecom on the Isle of Man, has taken a majority stake in Goshawk Communications, a company that enhances mobile phone reception for people with hearing loss.

Goshawk was part of the first cohort of Cambridge Social Ventures hosted by Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner

Goshawk founder Matthew Turner, who has been hard of hearing since childhood, is moving to the Isle of Man to run the business. Vannin Ventures was established by Manx Telecom to identify new products, services and business opportunities for long-term growth.

About nine million people in the UK alone experience varying degree of hearing loss, and Goshawk’s technology helps them by tailoring mobile phone sounds to their auditory situation.

The technology was tested successfully on the Isle of Man over the past 18 months through a trial with Manx Telecom, showing that the technology “can have a transformative effect on improving communication for those suffering from hearing loss,” said Tom Meageen, Managing Director of Vannin Ventures. “There is also a significant global market into which this technology can be extended.”

Matthew Turner added:

We are really proud to see our technology become part of something that has all the ingredients and potential to improve the lives of millions of global users.