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Business model innovation goes online

Network connection turned into a running man

Traditional business models are under increasing pressure, from changes in the market place, rapidly developing innovation and divergent buying patterns. The most successful businesses are those that are willing to embrace change and adapt to the world around them. But where there is change, there is the need for reflection and planning. In business this process is often focused on the all-important business model; the blueprint for an organisation and a road map for success.

In response to the increasing demand for business model innovation, Cambridge Judge Business School is launching its new online programme, the ‘Beyond Innovation: Business Models for Transformative & Competitive Advantage’ programme. The programme launches on 16 October and will offer business leaders around the world the opportunity to access the insights and expertise of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Christoph Loch, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School:

Innovative thinking is a key principle at Cambridge Judge Business School and we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise in this area. In this era of rapid change and transformation, it is crucial that leaders apply fresh thinking to their business models. I’m excited to be opening up our expertise and insights and look forward to growing our global community of business leaders.

The six-week programme offers participants the opportunity to reflect, analyse and design a winning business model for their organisation. It offers step-by-step guidance from our experts, the space to explore what innovation means for your organisation and inspiration through the latest case studies and evidence based research.

Stelios Kavadias, Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre:

A transformational business model requires opening up your organisation to the right kind of innovation. This programme is an opportunity to explore what innovation means to you, reflect on your organisational direction and find a narrative that works for your future.

The online nature of the programme offers you the best of Cambridge Judge Business School with the flexibility of online learning. Each week offers a new module, requiring approximately six hours of your time. By the end of the six weeks you will be ready to:

  • Present a proposal for fundamental change within your organisation
  • Develop the organisational capability to transform your business model through innovation
  • Use frameworks to assess business models and propose a viable way forward
  • Understand and become more innovative
  • Study and learn from peers around the world, and from diverse industries.

This programme is for executives who are in a position to effect change, are interested in exploring the future of their company, or looking to make tangible changes to the direction of their organisation.