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Cambridge Judge Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre partners with Camfed

Cambridge Judge Business School Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre is extremely proud to partner with Camfed in its objective to end child marriage in sub-Saharan Africa through education and the leadership of young women ‘GirlGuardians’ in disadvantaged rural communities.

You woman in sub Saharan Africa

Together we can end child marriage and #UnlockFutures for girls for good

40 million girls in sub-Saharan Africa are married before the age of 15. Locked in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness, they are at grave risk of HIV/AIDS, rape and abuse, and serious complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Poverty and inequality drive this injustice, and the practice perpetuates this vicious cycle.

Cambridge-based Camfed, the Campaign for Female Education, has a unique solution, based on the leadership of the young women who were supported to go to school by Camfed in sub-Saharan Africa, now part of the powerful CAMA network. Many of these young women were once themselves destined to be child brides, and they understand what it takes to help girls escape this poverty trap. Trained as ‘GirlGuardians’, they will identify girls in their communities who are vulnerable to early marriage, and work with families and local authorities to ensure girls receive the support they need to stay in school and succeed.