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Vital signs


Leaders should promote ‘organisational vitality’ to create and sustain energy in employees, says article in The European Business Review by David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge.

Vital Signs

Leaders should promote “organisational vitality” in order to instil more energy and passion in employees, says a new article in The European Business Review by David De Cremer, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Such organisational vitality is essential for employees to be actively involved in a company’s challenges and to sustain their energy level for future challenges, says the article in the November-December issue of the publication.

The article identifies four key features that make leaders effective in creating energy and vitality:

  • emotional intelligence that helps leaders focus on the positive and relax negative situations.
  • compassionate leadership that allows the leader to take the perspective of employees and adopt a forgiving style.
  • trustworthy leadership that creates a sense of employee responsibility along with the freedom to perform and demonstrate abilities.
  • transformational leadership that includes the ability to deal with change, which marks a key differential between “leadership” and “management”.

The article includes examples of leadership that promotes organisational vitality at Chinese technology company Huawei, the subject of a book David co-authored earlier this year, and at Amazon, where an important skill is to display a “willingness to experiment at all times”.