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New anti-cancer project


A new project to tackle the most challenging cancers includes the involvement of Dr Su Metcalfe, whose venture LIFNanoRx is supported by the Accelerate Cambridge programme at Cambridge Judge.

Anti-cancer project.

A £10 million interdisciplinary collaboration to tackle the most challenging of cancers, led by the University of Cambridge, includes a role for Dr Su Metcalfe, founder of LIFNanoRx, a venture supported by Cambridge Judge Business School.

The project, which is funded for six years by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, aims to develop new delivery technology to deliver known drugs that kill cancerous cells.

Although Su is treating multiple sclerosis using nanotechnology to deliver natural neuroprotective growth factor to the brain, the formal requirements for clinical use of each new delivery technology is the same – so Su’s experience will assist the project team in clinical translation.

The project is led by Professor George Malliaras of the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering.