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Providing insights into company culture through new app by EMBA alumni

Kieron Faller and Allan Stewart, co-founders of tech start-up Workio have launched the first BETA version of an app to “codify company culture”.

Kieron Faller and Allan Stewart.
Kieron Faller, CEO, and Allan Stewart, CTO, Workio

The Workio app, which makes use of custom-built chatbots integrated into workplace communications software platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, promises to provide insights into company culture to help business leaders make decisions.

“Workio have created the complete model for company culture based on years of academic research,” says Kieron, CEO of Workio.

“The tool simply measures employee preferences compared to their experience at work, processes it through our model, and uses machine learning to give clear actionable insights to executives and leaders.”

Kieron and Allan, both based in London, met on the Cambridge Executive MBA programme. By pooling their knowledge and experience working for disparate tech organisations, they came up with what they describe as the “secret sauce to codify and unlock the power of company culture”.

“This is an exciting time for us as we launch a tool we believe can help improve employee retention, engagement and even help in M&A transactions,” says Allan, CTO of the company. “We are understanding and actioning company culture in a seamless and low-friction way.”

“Our time on the Executive MBA gave us the chance to think about business holistically and critically, and it became clear to us both that the foundation of business success is people and how they work together. This is our understanding of what ‘culture’ means,” says Kieron.

“We want to improve people’s everyday experiences of work, to benefit them and their employers. The Executive MBA was a great opportunity to recalibrate what we each want to achieve with our own time in work, and being of help and service to others in this way is a fitting reflection of the experience of the programme.”