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Cambridge Judge statement on racism and inclusion


Hands clasped in solidarity.

Like the rest of the world, we are deeply shocked and angered by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death is not an accident or a one-off. To us, it reflects the systemic racism that unfortunately continues to pervade many countries, including both the US and our own.

Individuals and groups continue to be marginalised based on their race, gender and sexual orientation. This happens in subtle as well as not-so-subtle ways. At Cambridge Judge Business School, we take pride in the diversity of our community: from students to staff and faculty. The racialisation and consequent marginalisation of any particular group is utterly unacceptable to us.

We support the Black Lives Matter campaign, as we support all ethnic minority members of our community. It can seem that we are living in a time when the opposite of inclusive values are flourishing, unchecked. We have resolved to use the abhorrent events of recent weeks as a catalyst for change. We will shortly announce additional steps we will be taking to play our part in making our world more just, fair and equal. We welcome your suggestions, as this is something we must address as a community.

The School also expresses its gratitude to Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy & Policy and Race & Inclusion Champion at the University of Cambridge, for giving a timely webinar on racial inequality in organisations on 19 June 2020, where he addressed what is happening in America and the UK to how racial inequality reproduces itself in organisations.

Watch the webinar