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Improving the global practice of philanthropy

Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) partners with Alliance Magazine to host a webinar on philanthropy in high growth markets.

Webinar taking place on a laptop.

The Centre for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) is partnering with Alliance Magazine to host a webinar on 1 July at 15:00 BST to discuss philanthropy in high growth markets. These markets – and notably Africa, developing Asia and the Middle East — are likely to be a significant source of philanthropic capital with an estimated trillion dollar intergenerational wealth transfer expected in the coming decade, $2 trillion of which in Asia alone. Moreover, and especially with the new-found focus on philanthropy in light of COVID-19, the sector finds itself at a unique point in history with a huge opportunity to do social good. There are now more people involved in philanthropy than ever before, but questions remain about how to deploy all of this potential effectively.

The participants will comprise Badr Jafar, the founding patron of the CSP and the President of Crescent Petroleum in the UAE, Naina Batra, the CEO of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Bhekinkosi Moyo, the Executive Director of the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment at Wits Business School, Wits University, South Africa and the former director of the Southern Africa Trust, and Clare Woodcraft, the Executive Director of the CSP.

The discussion will be moderated by Charles Keidan, Editor of Alliance and lead author of a research paper on philanthropy education at European universities, and will assess how philanthropists in high-growth countries can prevent the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) being thrown off-course in the aftermath of COVID-19. It will also aim to discuss why strategic philanthropy in the Middle East, Asia and Africa is so important to solving these regions’ most challenging issues and what needs should be prioritised in terms of developing actionable research and knowledge as is the remit of the CSP. Participants are expected to join from Alliance‘s 14,000-strong stakeholder base of philanthropic practitioners from across the globe.

Alliance Magazine earlier published a blog written by the executive team at the CSP including its Academic Director, Kamal Munir, and Research Assistant Tayyab Ahmed, entitled “Pandemics and Philanthropy: An Opportunity in Crisis”.