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REACH Ely Team recorded a podcast

The research team of the REACh Ely has recorded the first podcast to talk about the project’s progress, challenges that churches in smaller communities are facing, and future implications.

The REACH Ely team recording their podcast.
The REACH Ely team recording their podcast

Listen to the podcast

Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout.

About the project

Cambridgeshire in the UK is home to more than three hundred churches, the majority of which are hundreds of years old; and, in this episode of The Social Ideas Podcast, we hear from the team involved with the REACH Ely project.

The three-year project aims to help communities make fuller use of their historic churches, going beyond a just being a place of worship and becoming a space for the wider community.

The Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and the Diocese of Ely are working together to determine community values, needs and opportunities to ensure a win-win outcome for communities and sustainable future of historic church buildings.