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A more empathetic workplace


Kamal Munir of Cambridge Judge Business School talks about goals for his upcoming new role as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for University Community and Engagement at the University of Cambridge.

Colleague wearing masks social distancing while in discussion.

In an interview for the University of Cambridge website, Kamal Munir outlines some of his goals and the challenges he faces in a new role as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for University Community and Engagement, beginning 1 October.

Kamal Munir.

“I am motivated by the prospect of creating a more empathetic workplace for everyone,” says Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy & Policy at Cambridge Judge. “A more supportive workplace, where we lift each other up and also look out for people whose accomplishments might be getting overlooked. A more equal workplace, where all, not just some talent is developed. And a more transparent workplace, where all opportunities are presented and accessible to everyone.”

Kamal outlines both micro and major challenges in his new role, including resource constraints and the task of tapping new technology opportunities “without sacrificing our core which is the collegiate university and the very-well-thought-out pedagogical philosophy that underpins it.”

He says his research and teaching at Cambridge Judge Business School will carry over to his new duties, particularly in these unprecedented times. “I study disruption: how organisations respond and adapt to disruptive situations. This is something that excites me about starting this job now, because the normal that we are used to has been disrupted and we need to adapt.”