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Light show


The iconic building of Cambridge Judge Business School is lit up in support of Cancer Research UK on World Cancer Day.

Front facade of Cambridge Judge Business School lit up with colourful lights in support of Cancer.

The iconic Addenbrooke’s Building of Cambridge Judge Business School was lit up on the night of 4 February in the dark blue, light blue and pink colours of Cancer Research UK to mark World Cancer Day and show the School’s support for the important work of Cancer Research UK.

The lighting up of the former Addenbrooke’s Hospital building was an initiative of Sheila Kissane-Marshall, a breast cancer survivor and founder of Boutros Bear, a digital cancer therapeutics venture who is also a coach on the Accelerate Cambridge programme of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge. The lighting-up event will hopefully encourage entrepreneurship among cancer research.

Front facade of Cambridge Judge Business School lit up with colourful lights showing the words World Cancer Day 4 February.

“My role as a coach was my first role post-breast cancer treatment, and I felt welcomed by all the team,” says Sheila. “Their support and my role helped me to rebuild my confidence and enabled me to create and successfully fundraise for my own cancer therapeutics venture, Boutros Bear. It’s fantastic that Cambridge Judge Business School was lit up for World Cancer Day in support of Cancer Research UK, and its collaboration with cancer entrepreneurial ventures.”

Cancer Research UK recently announced a £10,000 sponsorship to support Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre education programmes as part of their UK’s Entrepreneurial Programmes Initiative designed to promote an entrepreneurial culture amongst cancer researchers in the UK.

Cancer Research UK, which funds research in more than 35 countries and has more than 100 partners across the world, has played a role in developing eight of the world’s top 10 cancer drugs.

The illuminations of Cambridge Judge was conducted by Absolute Audio Visual Solutions with co-ordination by David Amann of the School’s audiovisual team, whose photographs of the event illustrate this article. The display featured 67 lighting fixtures, mainly battery-powered LED units; the logo of World Cancer Day was projected onto the building using a profile lantern.

World Cancer Day is an initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. The event is led by the UICC, the Union for International Cancer Control; Cancer Research UK is one of its thousand members from across 172 countries and sits on its board.