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MFin employment report shows strong results for the class of 2020-21

The recently released Cambridge MFin employment report celebrates how our graduates can adapt to change and pivot in a recovering employment landscape.

Front of Cambridge Judge Business School.

We are delighted to report on the destinations of our talented MFin 2020 class. The annual MFin employment report, published each Spring, details the outcomes of the graduating MFin class of 2020-21.  

We are proud that 87% of job seekers received an offer within 3 months of graduation, with 85% accepting offers in that time, realising an average post MFin salary uplift of 64%.  

Switching function and location 

Our MFin 2020 graduating class are now working in 11 countries around the globe, with 98% of the class achieving a switch of function, industry or country, and 51% achieving all three.  

Just over a third of the class chose to return to their pre-MFin country, with the rest switching to a new location. Fifty-eight percent of the class of 2020 are continuing their careers in the UK – of whom 71% are non-UK nationals. Twenty-four percent have chosen roles across Asia and six percent in North America.  

Sector and roles

Eighty one percent of the class of 2020 went into the finance sector, with 9% going into consulting, 8% into industry and 2% into the not-for-profit sector.  

Investment banking and Venture Capital/Private Equity continue to be the finance destinations of choice. Those moving into industry roles are now working in internet/e-commerce, professional services, real estate and technology. All of those achieving positions in the consulting sector came from a non-consulting background, demonstrating the value of a Cambridge MFin for those looking to pivot into new areas.  

Top employers this year were Macquarie Group and CICC, but over 50 international employers recruited from our diverse Cambridge MFin class of 2020. 

After another challenging year of disruptive change in work and education across the globe, we are delighted that our class of 2020 have found such a wide range of fulfilling roles to launch their post MFin careers. Our rigorous, experiential MFin gives our graduates the tools, skills and confidence they need to manage their careers successfully for life, wherever it may take them. We are proud of all they have achieved, and excited to follow their journey.