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Femtech: looking for innovative ventures to promote women’s health


A Venture Creation event organised by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School and the Cambridge Femtech Society seeks to disrupt the future of women’s health.

Futuristic image of a woman stepping through a digital door in a computer chip.

Women’s health is the focus of a special Venture Creation event on 25 March organised by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School in partnership with the Cambridge Femtech Society.

The event entitled “Envisioning the Future of Women’s Health” follows other initiatives at the Business School this month that focus on issues related to women, which kicked off on International Women’s Day (on 8 March).

The Entrepreneurship Centre has supported many women’s health initiatives

Venture Creation events at Cambridge Judge are designed to generate ideas, stimulate new thought processes and foster networking ties, and are often geared to specific themes such as Genomics or the Internet of Things. The 25 March event, which has £40 registration fee and is open to all, aims at “disrupting the future of women’s health”.

New ways of thinking are needed for interconnected problems

“As many of society’s problems become more complex and interconnected, traditional problem-solving techniques often appear insufficient to bypass short-term biases that ground our thinking in prior and present-day experiences,” says Professor Stelios Kavadias, Co-Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre and Vice Dean for Faculty at Cambridge Judge.

“Developing foresight and the ability to orientate entrepreneurial thinking towards future possibilities can generate insights that change the current reality through disruptive innovation actioned in the present.”

The Cambridge Femtech Society, launched in 2021, is the first femtech society born at a European university.

“We are proud to partner with Cambridge Judge Business School,” say Cambridge Femtech Society co-creators Emily Otterbeck and Lesley Farrah Dorwling-Carter. “This is a great stepping stone for students, researchers, and present and future entrepreneurs looking to create not just a plausible future for the clearly underserved and historically overlooked women’s health industry, but a preferred and better one.”

Women’s health issues: a huge, unmet need

The Cambridge Femtech Society was founded to debate the “huge unmet needs we’ve all heard of (and experienced) when it comes to women’s health issues,” the organisation says on its website.

“The biggest problem we see at the moment is the systemic-level lack of awareness of the issues surrounding women’s gynaecological, sexual and mental health, and we think increasing engagement at university-level can really help boost research and innovation in this space.”

Participants in the Venture Creation event will be supported after the event with a coaching session from Entrepreneurship Centre mentors at Cambridge Judge, and they will have the opportunity to apply for a place on a future cohort of the Accelerate Cambridge programme at the Centre.