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Webinar – Digital Past, Digital Future

18:00 - 19:00

The Trust & Technology SRI and Cambridge Judge Business School would like to welcome you to the 7th networking webinar of the series on “The Digital (Dis)comfort Zone”.

Digital modelling has revolutionised knowledge acquisition and knowledge utilisation in many academic disciplines. This webinar features two researchers working at the cutting edge of digital modelling in their respective fields, Archaeology and Engineering, giving us glimpses of complex historic reconstruction and futurescoping undertaken by modellers. Dr Andreas Angourakis will introduce us to the still young discipline of Computational Archaeology and touch on new insights into the evolution of complex social structures in conjunction with historic climate change evidence. Dr Timea Nochta will cover how digital models, model projections and digital urban imaginaries – as ‘evidence’ – influence decision-making outcomes in multi-actor settings.